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A SaaS Product to help startups, scaleups and innovation projects move faster by removing the manual+repetitive tasks of devops

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Why Headless operations? Because time is a coder's most precious resource

It could be anything from the very first MVP, to a new killer feature, a critical fix or just daily productivity: When your code is ready you want it in production - now. Spending time getting it there is waste. That time could be used to build another killer feature, or even have a stress free coffee with a team mate ..

Headless Operations is where your cloud server and version control meet (in Slack ..)

With Headless Operations you run you code on a dedicated Google Cloud Kubernetes cluster. Headless also talks to your Github repo. It makes sure any successful build in your main branch gets immediately deployed to your test environment. Putting it into production is easy: Message our Slack bot and *phoff*, it's live and ready for the world.

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